Selasa, 06 April 2010


Bannerpod is a software that delivers design for banner advertising in less than 16 seconds. We remove the complex components and reduce the process to create banner design in 4 simple steps. No brainer, anyone can do it and no heavy training required. Simply choose your template, load content, create and send it to any banner networks. Bannerpod runs on major ad servers such as ATLAS and DART.

Our banner design engine allows you to re-use your existing banners to reduce cost. Plus, why wait when you need to republish your campaign with a new content? Our banner design engine can update your banner advertising in real time even when they are running live on networks.

Bannerpod guarantees 100% SLA. We are using pushbutton & cloud technology for ad serving. Your banners are simply never disappeared.

Want to impress your clients and re-sell our solution?. Extend your online advertising to become an online sales channel. Bannerpod provides white label solution. Your clients are yours, not ours!.

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