Rabu, 11 Juni 2008

Miraculous Miracle Happens! part 1

I'd like to share a story.
Couple days ago, I was doing a medical check up in Medikaloka. Five days later, I was informed that there is a white shadow line in my left lung. It is considered to be a tubercolum alias TBC a.k(ed).a "The Black Death". I was not panicked. I was sure that that was mistaken.
Nama penyakitnya mang keren banget.
But... FYI, pasien yang udah pernah kena TBC dan sudah ditreatment, gak bakal bisa dapet visa student ke Australia. Padahal kan gue bntar lagi berangkat ke sana...
When, I was home and informed this to my parent. They were so panicked. My father couldn't swallow any cooking and my mom was crying and scared. She also tortured me that I couldn't be in Australia.
Gue jadinya takut juga. But I kept praying and kept in faith! Gue yakin Tuhan pasti punya rencana!!
Bener aja..! The next morning, I rechecked my lung and the doctor said that there was no white shadow!!
_For you, this might be a common story. But for me, this is a miraculous miracle!_
I know, this is not the last miracle... and I'm keeping in faith!

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