Senin, 03 Maret 2008

No Comment

no comment is helping... but sometimes it is not!

This morning, my lecturer, Simon just said that the one who makes blog is nerd in his lecture.. Gee,, =#
Then, he continued... "Yah, you can see beside d comment there is a big zero..." -.-'
Well, then my clasmates stared at me and showed their smiles...

"OKE, I'm one of that nerdies... So?" that's wat my heart said...

but I defended myself...and this was wat i told him, "wait till u see my posts..."
yah, actually... it's poor of comments too...
but this is becoz of the google account that requires everyone to have it b4 submit sum comments... hah, that's wat cBox for.. That's my last shot.. I dunno wat else to do... If there's sumone who knows wat to do,,, please tell me, would u?

yah, in fact Sir... my friendster's blog has olready got many fans.. Let see, shall we?

jz for Simon... well, i think for this one, u should leave a comment
Good for you, i'm in a good mood because I successfully made my own pancake! haha!
from nerd with love!!


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Anonymous hendry mengatakan...

i just read this post and i never really think bad about blog that had no comment..
besides like je's said.. it's hard to leave comment that need google account when u already have community in another cyberworld..
u might answer "join google only for one blog to leave a comment?!"
simon, have u see je's friendster blog? i doubt it..

2 April 2008 03.26  

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